Week 9 - Composing the Costume


More Drapery Studies: Around the shoulders and arms

This weeks homework was a continuation on more drapery studies. I found it looking quite strange when I had completed a few sketches of my arm. Something just didn’t feel right with the end result, where the lines which indicate the contours felt a little weird.

Because of that, I decided to try out another drawing of my shoulder instead, and decided to put in a little more detail into it. Even focusing on the contours instead of shadows explicitly, it was a little difficult to do.

01 - Longer Poses, with Shadow and Tone

15 minutes per pose

In the left drawing I was able to work at a little on the faces, at least add in the detail of the nose and forehead.

Perhpaps this particular pose made it a little harder, but it’s more so that my drawing is so small, there was little room for adding those details.

My second drawing, I focued more on the clothing. I found it useful to visualise the shading as more of the shadows those curves and bumps are creating, and being OK with the fact that it may not accurately represent the same shadows, as long as they provide more detail to the drawing.

02 - Costume Poses

10 minutes per pose

I really like the centre bottom drawing was done quite well with the model’s costume. The detailing of the folds in her dress took into account the folds themselves, along with the shadows from the creases.

I still wish to improve on adding the facial features to my drawings.