Week 8 - Dressed In Ink

Using the brush and ink for the first time was an interesting experience. It really takes on a minimal, yet defined approach to illustrating the model. I had decided to use a brush pen instead of brining in the necessary equipment for a more traditional brush and ink.


Drapery Studies

Wow, capturing how the fabric folds is very difficult. It was mentioned by Lily to not only think about the folds, or even the drapery based on the shadows, but showing where the folds are, regardless of if it creates a shadow, to really show how the fabric confoms or creates a shape with the chair underneath.

01 - Ink Gestures

2-4 minutes per pose

Using an ink brush for the gestures meant that I had to take great care with each stroke as the usual way that I would do gestures would make it very messy.

Since it uses ink, I also cannot stay in one position on the page for too long or the ink will seep through the pages. I believe these gestures were lacking the action of the pose. They look quite flat, and lacking in volume.

02 - Longer Ink Drawings

10 minutes per pose

These two drawings I tried to incorporate some of the background to add a bit more detail and volume into my drawings. I think the background could have been a little darker to improve the contrast.

I had to layer on ink to make it darker. Perhaps due to the alcohol base of the ink pen I had used contributed to its shallower colour.

03 - Longer Drapery Poses

15 minutes per pose

Here I managed to improve on how I illustrated the folds of the drapery. I felt like I had outlined a few sections of the garment too strongly, deducting from the overall balance in the drawing. However the drawing on the left was better in this regard, although I was unable to get the model’s head in the frame.