Week 10 - Picture in Picture


Bicep Femoris & Adductor Magnus Muscles

I quite enjoy the anatomy studies. They really do reveal the way the bones connect; their push and pull. The skin is just covering these muscles, and it doesn’t always refelct what’s happening under the skin.

01 - Visualising Composition

10 minutes per pose

I think I made the action gesture thumbnail a little too small to be able to use it to position the model on my page effectively.

However, I’ve seem some improvment to proportion, as well as the positioning of the model. The detail on their faces are still much to be desired.

I will have to try focus on the shadows on the face, instead of applying facial items on to the face.

02 - Longer Poses with Focus on Tone

30 minutes

I decided to do a quick ‘gesture’ drawing of the model before committing into a longer duration drawing.

I initially got the gesture and action of the pose before adding in the shading and tone to the drawing.