Week 7 - Sustained Drawing

We’re back again, this time with more emphasis on the longer, sustained drawings.

01 - Medium Length Sketches

10 minutes per pose

Getting the composition right was about ensuring the legs had somewhere to go. Earlier throughout the semester, I haven’t been spending enough time on making sure the legs were grounded in a way. This coincided with having the drawing fit, in its entirity, on the page or space that you’ve allocated for it.

I have attempted to use a trianguation technique in order to estimate the space of my drawings before I start. It works quite well, but sometimes I feel that it messes up my proportions.

02 - Gestures and Sustained Drawing

30 seconds per gesture, 30 minutes for the sustained drawing

To begin we started with some gesture drawings before we got settled into the sustained drawings for the rest of the class. I had spent a lot of time on the shading and the feet of the model, rather than try to capture everything before adding detail.

I want to be able to capture the complete model, then add the detail over it.