Week 12 - Wrapped in Costume

Life Drawing Reflection

Maybe because I’m doing mostly technical IT work, and not something like animation, game design or even things related to graphics. I do think that Life Drawing has provided me with some good pointers for life. Looking at things wholly, and with objectivity, and most of all, patience. These classes, anatomy studies have really helped me learn and visualise what’s underneath the skin.

This has been a valuable experience in another field of study, and something I can take into other disciplines.

01 - Medium Poses

10, 10, 20 minutes respectively

Time got the better of me for the 10 minute poses, some of the shading on the thighs could have been done a little better, to show the roundness, and not just the darkness of the thighs.

In the last pose, I tried adding colour to it, to highlight the ‘light’ areas instead of only having the shadows.

02 - Costume Time

10, 10, 15 minutes respectively

I had spent a little too long on getting the costume’s folds, etc. rather than the full body first, then adding in the extra details. But with an extra 5 minutes, I was able to add in the full body, whilst putting in the details.

The last pose still seemed rather flat, with no real volume/depth to it. The details were there, but the person looked flimsy and a little disproportionate.

03 - Costume Time Part 2

5 minutes per pose

These are really quick drawings, there’s a balance in completeness and issues between the two. But I fell there was a mix in proportions on the right drawing, I couldn’t really capture the angle that the model was actually facing.

I guess it was a little challenging trying to capture this much detail, in 5 minutes, and I drew a little small in these two.